Jude AboutJude Heimel

Since 1972 Jude Heimel has been an accomplished consultant, facilitator, coach, researcher and evaluator working with state and federal government, technical organizations and Fortune 100 companies. Her business, established in 1996, has assisted clients around the United Sates and the southwest, helping them manage their products, their work environments and cultures, and their strategic directions through planning, implementation and evaluation.

Jude has worked at AT&T Bell Laboratories and GTE Telenet Communications Corporation in a range of management, consultant and training capacities. She received her BA in Organization Development and Evaluation Research and her MA in Applied Social Research. She has served as an examiner for AT&T’s corporate program and the New Mexico Quality Award. She is certified as a professional coach by the International Coach Federation and the Newfield Institute. She has worked with and received professional development from an astounding group of experts.

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Education and Training

PCC, International Coach Federation, Professional Certified Coach

NCC, Newfield Institute, Newfield Certified Coach

M.A. Applied Social Research

B.A. Program Planning and Evaluation

Professional Development

  • Russell L. Ackoff
  • Chris Argyris
  • Warren Bennis
  • Peter Block
  • David L. Cooperrider
  • Kathleen D. Dannemiller
  • W. Edwards Deming
  • Peter F. Drucker
  • Eva Freund
  • Harvey Garn
  • Joan Goldsmith
  • Michael Hammer
  • Sandra Janoff
  • J. M. Juran
  • Edward E. Lawler III
  • Elliot Liebow
  • Harold D. Persons
  • C. K. Prahalad
  • Leo Rippy Jr.
  • Edgar H. Schein
  • Charles Seashore
  • Edith Seashore
  • Rob Thomsett
  • Peter B. Vail
  • Marvin R. Weisbord
  • Margaret J. Wheatley
  • David L. Wilemon
  • Richard E. Zultner

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